I’m Following My Dreams

On Episode 54 we get back to basics with all new gambling updates, property updates, personal stories, and a chance for your voice to be heard in my next 2 interviews with MGM brass. This plus an exclusive leak about a new type of AITG private VIP casino event coming soon.  Lets get into the game.

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Chris DiMauro attending MGM Springfield one year anniversary. Photo Credit; Chris Marion photography
Great luck Mike! I know you will shine wherever you go. Photo Credit: my Mom


My dinner table at The Chandler for my birthday.
Free coffee and pastry for Mlife Gold members and up on weekday mornings!
Myself and 2 terrific guys. Michael Mathis and Robert Westerfield.

Thanks for checking out all the photos.  Be sure to join the Facebook community and get your questions in for Director of Casino Operations and the Director of Entertainment ASAP.  Get ready for an amazing one of kind exclusive AITG experience March 25th!

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