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  1. Hey man, I’m a Springfield resident and love frequenting MGM from time to time. I’ve really enjoyed your podcast covering the casino and it’s developments since its opening and i wanted to see if you had an Instagram or if I could join the closed Facebook group to keep up with any news / inside scoops on the downtown scene. Thanks again, and of course Best Of Luck!

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      1. Chris,
        Loved listening to you and Henry in the latest episode! Henry is truly a find, what a fantastic guest. You do a great job interviewing him and getting him to discuss so much of his colorful past and interesting encounters. The exchange between the two of you is very good. I wonder if any of Henry’s contemporaries are still around from back in the day and if it would be possible to invite Henry and some of his cohorts on as I would think they would remind each other of even more entertaining stories of Old School AC and Vegas and gambling in general. PS, keep taking notes, you should write a book!


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      2. Thank you so much Alex for tuning in and sharing your thoughts with me! I couldn’t agree more about Henry. He is such a good story teller. He actually mentioned that he would like to invite some of his old friends on. That’s a great idea.

        Note pad open and ready.
        Great Luck Player!


  2. Hey Chris, and Art In The Game. Thanks so much for your excellent website, and your podcast, which I’ve heard half an episode of, starting tonight. Quick question please, I heard on GWAE, several gentlemen call in and state that MGM Springfield had 5. dollar blackjack table, with 3:2 payout on blackjack. Is this still the case? If not, do you know what their low stakes tables start at? Thanks for any reply, wishing you all the best.

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    1. Greetings Chris, thank you for tuning in to the show! Yes you are correct they had opened some of the Best Buy in and table odds I’ve seen in years. However that was all pre COVID. I know they still have the lower buy in tables. I’ll ask on my Twitter fees. I’ve got a few casino Ops folks on there. I’ll report back when I find out any new info.


  3. Thank you so much Chris! Much appreciated, and thank you to your casino friends too, if they share any info. I’m curious to know what is the minimum at their lower stakes tables, and if that varies on different days / times. Like I would imagine a monday afternoon might present better opportunities than Sat night… but I could well be mistaken. Anyway, thank you again, and I look forward to it. Best wishes.

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