Pamper Yourself Like A Pro with Director of Recreational Services Jill Pias

On Episode 53 we talk with Jill Pais Director of Recreational Services at MGM Springfield.  Jill oversees the Spa, Salon, and Health Club at the Springfield campus. You’ll learn about all the services these on property amenities offer and which treatment might be right for you. There is even a bonus for listeners and members.  FREE Champaign at the Spa and a fabulous cocktail libations menu at the Salon all complement with a treatment.  Lets get into The Game.

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Casino Salon entrance with nail and pedicure area.
Things are looking up. Sit right down.
Salon at MGM Springfield
The barber area at the salon featuring the fully restored barber chair of our own Mayor Sarno’s father.
Al the Barber a Springfield legend. Our deepest condolences to Mayor Sarno’s family for their recent loss of Alfronso.
Pedicure area at the Salon at MGM Springfield.
Just a sample of the COMPLEMTARY drink menu at the Salon.
A treatment room at the Spa at MGM Springfield.
Farmhouse Fresh welcome gift they sent me. Thank YOU Farmhouse Fresh!
Jill Pias and I recording our interview on a cart in a treatment room. I wanted massage afterwards.

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