2019 AITG Golden Player Awards

Welcome to the 2019 AITG Golden Player Awards! An awards show that celebrates and reviews our gambling community’s high points, accomplishments and member contributions.  During the last year we completed our first year of casino gaming in Springfield Massachusetts and our private Facebook community celebrated one year of fun! We had our first ever private casino meet up “Thanks Gambling’ where we made history together setting a state wide gaming record with our 62 person high limit group slot pull.  Friends and Players this awards show is dedicated to YOU the AITG Members who make this group and casino podcast so friendly and fun.  THANK YOU! and ENJOY THE SHOW!

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Most positive player:  Steve Hitchcock

gp steve

Most consistent player:  Stacey Creror.

gp Stacy.JPG

Most enthusiastic player:  James Leahy

gp James

New member with big impact:  Laurie Mignewt

gp lourie

Most supportive player:  Joe Richardson.


Veteran member of the year:  Michael Tyburski

GP MIchael

Most active MGM and Springfield supporter:  Jim Snyder


Best local player:  Roy Carglile

gp roy.JPG

Most generous community member:  Todd Hunter


Most Influential player:  Scott Thomas.

GP Scott

Best international correspondent:  Neil Fernie

gp Neil

Most Informative comments:  Mark Evangelsto

tg Mark

Best gambling buddies:  Peggy Manning and Denise Kelsey.

TG buddies.JPG

Now for our best moments AITG of 2019.

  1. Robert Pereria placing second in the bun eating contest at the final food truck Friday in the name of art in the game.
  • Tg Robert

Top Slot Hit:  Andrew Fabian’s 10K

GP slot .JPG

Top Table Hit:  Jerald Yelnick over 3,400. at 3 card poker

TG Table hit.JPG

Top Hand Pay:  Vito Marchitto

gp hand pay.JPG

Top Group Moment:  TG Slot Pull.

tg group pull.JPG

Honorable mentions

Patrica Genovese

Backed Flagg Deperry

Rob Farmer

Seamus Warwick

Eric and Rauccio

Julie Falconer

Carl de Carlo

Paul Hammond

Anthony Liberti

Jay and Lori Quinlan

Robin Aubin

Johnny Sibdhanny

Judy Torres

Judith Hoar

Justin Hapapala

Steve Nicole

Bob and Linda Parker

Bogan Painter

Tim Rooke

Tammy Matt

Robert Floro

Dan Basset

Patrick Deperry

Tami Kelcey

Most helpful MGM Employee Jametha Pope (Jae)

tg JAe.JPG

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!  Invite some friends and family to the group and lets break a thousand members together in 2020!

Private Facebook  community:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/238265166923233/

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