Learn to Play Video Poker

I am pleased to present the AITG Member Link to VideoPoker.com.  I’m excited to provide my members and listeners with Gold access.  By clicking the link new members will receive 2 weeks of FREE Gold membership. During your 2 week trial you will receive 7 days of the new Pro level training!  After your free 2 weeks, if you find as much value as I do, you can sign up by the month or year.  A year of Pro training is $99.95. Gold is $79.95 if you pay in full for the year. I find Pro to be an excellent value.  There is real advantage to playing and practicing on your own time.  Play your favorite games and set the pay tables to those avalible at your favorite casino. These features combined with the ability to choose your denomination and bankroll make Pro training similar to actual play.  View your play analytics and see your progress overtime.

Setting up a new session to replicate play at your local casino.
Pro Training with all EV holds.
Pro training displays the cost of incorrect holds.

Gold Training provides a stoplight trainer showing you correct holds and tracks your percentage of correctly played hands.  Gold members and above have access to play the all the latest casino games without adds.

Gold Training screen.

I truly believe that playing on VideoPoker .com and utilizing the training mode has increased my skill and return.  I may not play perfect strategy yet but I am doing my best to apply the knowledge I have gained from the website.  Sign up today!

I love competing in the daily and weekly cash contests! Its free and fun. You also earn points for other prizes.

My name is AITG Chris on VideoPoker.com.  They have daily, weekly, and monthly contests with CASH prizes!  There is also a chat and a forum and more.  I plan on issuing special AITG group challenges very soon.  Full disclosure I receive a spiff for every Pro and Gold sign up through our link!  Sign up today! When you do share you’re a PRO or GOLD member in our FB group or on social media and get a special thank you from me. Click link below and play today!

If you’re already a free member sign up with a new email or cancel your existing membership and resign up though our link.


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