Learning How to Hold’em with Greg Brown from Video Poker.com

On Episode 58 we welcome Greg Brown from Video Poker .com.  Greg shares how his group has been instrumental in the development of just about every video poker game you love in casinos today.  Together we’ll take a deep dive into their new Pro Training level and compare it to the already popular Gold level.  Be sure to tune in to learn about the special AITG member only offer of 2 weeks of Gold Level membership FREE!  Lets Get into the Game!

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My 1st ever 4 aces with a kicker! Hit at MGM Springfield. Photo Credit: Chris DiMauro
Setting up a new session to replicate play at your local casino.
Gold Training screen.
Pro Training with all EV holds.

Sign up with only your email and receive 2 weeks of Golf level membership FREE!  I encourage all my members and listeners to immediately sign up for the year of Pro Training!  You will be glad you did.  Special member link on my website: https://artinthegame.net/learn-to-play-video-poker/

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