Get Ready for The Springfield Jazz and Roots Festival with Evan Plotkin

Myself and Evan Plotkin. I love being around this man.

On Episode 33 we sit down with local business leader and Springfield Jazz and Roots Festival cofounder Evan Plotkin.  Now in it’s 6 year the Springfield Jazz and Roots Festival has made Springfield Massachusetts reach the top 5 cities to watch and listen to live jazz music in!  Listen as Evan helps us understand why investing time and resources into the arts pays us all back while enriching and creating more of a sense of community. Don’t miss this episode or the Jazz festival this Saturday August 10th 2019.  See you there!

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Check out the festival website for line up and performance times here:

Watch Evan’ commuter rail video here:–wy64

View the NIA Plotkin commercial real-estate services website here:

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