Island Bar Rumors, Investments, Spring Promos & The Summer Music Lineup.

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Hey there Friends and Players welcome back!  I am so happy to be together again.

On this episode I share the inside scoop on the new Island Bar.   MGM announces an 11 million Dollar commitment for the new market rate apartments at Court Square.  I’ll tell you how to take advantage of all of the spring promotions and will discuss the robust summer outdoor concert lineup.




As you may have read there’s two new bars being built at MGM Springfield.  One of them is in a 1200 square-foot retail space that faces the plaza for both indoor and outdoor libations.  The one that caught my attention was the new Island Bar that is supposedly being built just in front of Cal Mar on the casino floor.  In the article that was written there wasn’t much said about the Walk Bar as an option.  It made me concerned that they were perhaps getting rid of the Walk up for the new island bar.  However I’m happy to report some insider information that that is NOT the case!  I’m very happy that our friends Teresa and both Michaels will not be affected by this new addition.


My source told me that they are actually removing slot machines from the casino floor to make way for the new bar.  And my favorite Walk up as not being affected at all.  Supposedly it’s going to be a rectangle bar similar in size to the one at Tap.  And get ready for it.  There’s going to be bar top video poker there!  I can’t believe what an awesome decision this is.  It surprised me that MGM was willing to get rid of machines to make way for a bar.  I will admit that the Walk up and Commonwealth bar get extremely busy at high-volume times making it hard get a drink let alone find an empty VP spot.  The bartenders are always working to the max as every seat is filled and rows of players and patrons behind them waiting on drinks.  Adding a new bar seems like a terrific idea. Removing some slot machines seems like a terrific idea.  Adding video poker bar top locations she would like a terrific idea.  Hey did I say that I think this is a terrific idea?  The theme here is that although MGM is experiencing lower than expected gaming revenue numbers.  Their food beverage and hotel numbers are higher than expected.  So a move like this makes sense.  As more comes in I’ll post it to the closed group.


MGM announced today in Boston in front of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission that they were investing 11 of the $55 million needed to complete the market rate housing apartments at the Historic Court, Square hotel on Elm Street.  This decision was praised by members of the MGC as well as many city leaders and residents.  As I reported in the past this was a very important element to MGM being awarded the bid for the commercial casino here in Western Massachusetts. 59 market rate units will be built along with 15 workforce apartments.  The 15 workforce apartments will be restricted for people earning up to 80% of the areas median income.  And additional retail locations will be on the first floor. The redevelopment of this historic property will bring market rate housing to the downtown landscape for the first time in two decades and has local development partners.


MGM announced a pretty robust outdoor music concert series for the warm season. 24 shows both free and ticketed have been announced. MGM has partnered with the Big E for the shows that kick off before Memorial Day and run well past Labor Day.

The shows will be held outdoor at the  MGM Plaza.  This year’s series will start with a ticketed event  with Dokken on May 11 at 9 PM!  Trailer Trash will start the first of 16 free concerts on May 24 at 9 PM followed by Springfield’s own FAT on May 30 at 7 PM. Other acts scheduled Collective Soul and the Gin Blossoms. Hanson, Warren with Fire House on July 27.  The Village People get down on June 29.  Matt and Kim perform on June 21. So many shows I’m not going to list them all but check the M life website for details and don’t forget you can purchase tickets right at the cashier.  A lot them went on presale the day of this writing.



All right you guys of been waiting for it here is your April promo mojo breakdown.  April is looking pretty good after an awesome month of promotions in March.  This months promotion theme is the Great Outdoor Giveaway with $250,000 in cash and prizes being awarded to players throughout the months of April and May.  Every Saturday at 10 o’clock winners will be drawn for their choice of an ATV, and electric golf cart, hot tub, or riding lawn mower.  With two finale drawings the first of which on April 27 and second on May 26.  Aprils grand prize is a Slingshot SLR and the grand prize fir may is a choice of two Indian Scout motorcycles.  If you don’t want to ride motorcycles you can except $20,000 in free play or $15,000 in cash.   Now that you know what’s at stake let me tell you how to take advantage of all of the tier entry multipliers this month.

Bonus entries will be earned Monday Tuesdays and Wednesdays at a rate of five times entries. One entry point it’s earned for every slot point or tier point.  Fridays and Saturdays both have a swipe to win programs.   Every day you must swipe your M life card at the promotional kiosk to activate your entry for that day however on Fridays and Saturdays you have a chance to earn additional entries. You must earn 350 slot points or 500 tear from table play and you can receive one extra swipe those days maximum of two swipes.  They are adding free play or bonus drawing entries with all swipes every day.  It’s important to know that even though you are there during the week swiping and gaining multiple entries in this months contest.  However you must be present at the casino Saturday at 4 o’clock to swipe and activate your entries for this contest drawing.  This is an important part of this contest in all contest at MGM is they want you to pretty much live at their casino.  5 winners will begin to be drawn every hour from 6 to 9PM. Which will receive $1000 in free play. The 10 o’clock drawing will have five people one of which will receive their choice of a hot tub, golf cart, ATV, riding lawn mower, or $5000 in free play. So if you want to chance to win anything besides FreePlay you’re going to have to stay until 10 o’clock every Saturday night this month.  And don’t forget you’ve got to show up on Saturday by for the activate all of your entries.

Monday, are Tier Multiplier day.  Tuesdays are Mystery Multiplier days.  Swipe at any promo kiosks to activate your multiplier.  Up to 5X.  DON’T FORGET TO SWIPE!


On “Winning WINnesdays” in April from 11 AM to 8 PM players who are actively playing a slot machine with their M life card can win free play every 30 minutes.  Just be sure to swipe your M life card to activate this contest.


I would like to thank you for reading to the end of my 21st blog entry.  I’d also like to thank Paul B. for an awfully nice comment in our closed group.  You made my day Player!  Please like our podcast page on Facebook and join our closed group.  You’re welcome to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @artintheg. I’m trying my best with them  Ok not really…

Listen to the podcast both here on the website and on iTunes and the Stitcher app.  If there’s something you like to know about please contact me and I’ll be sure to cover it.


As always Player have great luck!



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