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Looks like MGM is going to be awarded the contract at Symphony Hall.  Spectacle was notified that MGM had been chosen and I can’t imagine that any of us are too surprised.  I think it’s a good thing and hopefully they bring some good management and upkeep to the 2,600 seat landmark theater. Per the host agreement they are already responsible for producing 4 performances per year.


Looks like MGM is finalized it’s $850 million deal for the Empire City casino in Yonkers. The 97 acre harness horse racing track is 15 miles north of Manhattan. Currently just racing and slot machines. You might remember seeing this race track in the movie the Flamingo Kid. License in 2006 the property has no table games however if license for life table games MGM agrees to pay an additional $50 million to the selling Rooney family. Rooney family also owns the Pittsburgh Steelers.


The Tribes of Connecticut along with state lawmakers are gearing up for a real battle to open their joint venture Casino Tribal Winds in Windsor Connecticut.  The $300 million project will be a serious detour for MGM. Currently the only casinos allowed in Connecticut are Tribal. 25% from all slot revenue is given to the state with an average of $250-$270 million. MGM is also interested in opening a casino in Bridgeport Connecticut. Giving a chance for Western Connecticut residence to gamble in state well without question hurt MGM. The money that they were talking about giving Connecticut was equal to what MGM Springfield is producing tax revenue wise.


MGM allows the policy changed out of Las Vegas regarding their elevator security. From now on only floors guests will be able to access are the floors their rooms are located on.  This is already the policy at many other casino hotels. Something that cuts down on unwanted visitors in the hallways and outside your door.   I’m sure that this will translate into Springfield as well.



So you guys might remember I told you that I joined as a gold member that video poker site.  I have been having a lot of fun practicing my play. Through their training mode and playing a contest I feel like I’ve been making smarter decisions. Those decisions have resulted into longer play on my small bankroll. The daily contest is $25 cash and I love playing it’s 50 hands. I recently started to participate in the weekly $400 cash contest. I couldn’t believe when I hit a few four of a kind and had huge totals. But I’m always far away in the race. Our buddy Robin hit a royal and still placed 107th something like that. Makes me think what are these other players hitting?  If you want to come join the fun I’d actually like it if some members would join. There’s also a group challenge that I can issue everybody and we can all play for a prize which I’m willing to put up myself.  If you use our special link here all of our members get free 14 days as a gold member with only an email and sign up.


I had a fun time playing in my first slot tournament last week. I went down during the registration time which was fast and easy and only required my Mlife card I was given two codes to play at a roped off area of machines.  Your total from the two heats was added and if you were placed in the top 20 you were awarded your share of the $20,000 in free play prize.


After pressing the button and slapping the screen as fast as I possibly could for two minutes I ended up placing just over 100 place and was awarded nothing but a sore wrist. I would say that I would play again if it was convenient for me but probably not go completely out of my way to participate. Anything at the casino there’s two heats which means they want you to spend at least four hours on property you could probably slim it down to about 2 1/2 three if you pay attention to the times.



I’ve been thinking about attending Cousin Vito‘s Gamblepalloza down in Atlantic City this April 13 14th and 15th. For me actually I won’t be able to make it on the 13th because that’s closing night for the Thunderbirds hockey but I would probably drive down for Sunday. This event is something I’ve wanted to attend for the past year. Fact that it’s being held at one of my favorite East Coast places sounds wonderful. I’ll keep you guys posted if everything turns out it’s a bit of a jump for me to be able to go after Saturday night but we’ll see. Are any of you guys thinking about going? Let me know join the conversation in our closed group on Facebook follow me on Twitter or horrible Instagram.


I’d like to thank you for reading my 15th blog post and listening to my 14th podcast and as always players have great luck!

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