Roll Low Live High – Why Living Local Keeps Getting Better.



The Blackjack tournament at MGM Springfield was canceled.  The three round $30,000 Jackpot blackjack tournament was canceled right before the Monday, December 3 opening. The day was supposed to end in someone winning the first round with $5000 in promotional chips going to the winner. The games were supposed to be held from 10 AM to 3 PM on Mondays December 3 ,10, and 17.





There hasn’t been any official word on what happened however sources close to Art in the Game inform us that the proper paperwork was not filed in time with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.  Something hopefully that can be rectified very quickly.  It was reported that quite a few people still showed up for the contest.  MGM did give each person who showed up a $25 promotional chip.  It appears that they are going to try to reboot this contest in the very near future.  This would have been the first gambling tournament held at MGM Springfield.

King Ward coach lines the company who operates MGM’s Lion Line announced their new door to door service. “King Ward to your Door” will run seven days a week with morning, afternoon, and evening runs.  You can now reserve to be picked up at your door & brought to the casino.  Then when you’re done you’ll be brought back home.  The cost is $20 per person for most local towns and $30 for towns like Pittsfield and Lee and Greenfield as well as Hartford.  If you live locally say from Westfield to Palmer all of those rides are $20 so you’ll arrive $10 up.!  The service begins on December 10 and requires reservations you can contact King Ward here at 539-3939 or visit their website


MGM announced that they are now the official partner with Major League Baseball for sports betting. The MLB now joins the NBA and NHL as exclusive’s with MGM resorts international.  MGM will now gain access to major-league baseball’s enhanced statistics for use in sports betting operations.  Baystate legislators will hopefully take this up in the 2019 session.   It was reported that Massachusetts sports gamers wagered almost $700 million a year on offshore websites and great market accounts.



I had a great time being a super low roller yesterday at MGM Springfield.  I had the opportunity to have a somewhat business – brainstorming lunch with a colleague and we chose the property for our meet up. After a quick few hands of video poker at the Walk up bar We headed for lunch at the South end market. My friend recommended that we try the Hearth grill. It is located in the very back corner of the market and has a real wood-burning hearth oven that is visible from where you order your food from. Because I was on a budget I ordered a Caesar salad and the roasted Cauliflower medley for under $7.50. My friend had a quarter roasted chicken with roasted zucchini. My paul said that the chicken was moist and had good flavor both in the meat and on the skin.  The zucchini was good and lightly seasoned however he remarked that he pulled a little bit of the garlic to the side. His entire meal was under $12.


Photo credit USA Today



To my surprise I found the seating at the South of market and easy place to have a good  conversation.  Plenty of natural light coming in through the windows it’s nice to be able to see outside while dining at a casino property.  Something you definitely don’t see at most food courts or where the lower end food is. I found this to be a nice feature and I did not feel rushed at all. My Cesar salad was good I like the dressing everything was fresh.  I really enjoyed my cauliflower medley that had capers roasted chickpeas and other seasoning.  I would say that even though each of my items were $3.50 the portions were a bit small. Other than that a good inexpensive bite but I was still hungry lol.


We didn’t half to buy a beverage because we had played video poker and still had a drink left over that are bartender Theresa had given us complementary.  Playing video poker is a great way to low roll and still have a lot of the fun and benefits of being a player.

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Thanks for reading and Great Luck Players!


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