Playing to Win at Video Poker with guest Robin from NE Time Gambling.

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With MGM’s decision to double the amount of video poker machines on the gaming floor in Springfield I thought it was an appropriate topic for our visit with Robin from NE Time Gambling.  As you will learn Robin has studied video poker for several years and understands the different strategies for the games available.


If you have never tried Video Poker you may want to consider playing at the next time you visit the casino.  I find video poker to be relaxing.  It is a game that I can play at my own pace.  It can be the favorite game of the introvert, thinker, and even the frugal gambler.  As Robin suggested finding a game with the pay tables that you are looking for is important.  He suggests finding full pay 9/6 Jacks or better for the best payback odds.  9 being the full house and 6 the flush.  Something that MGM Springfield players should know is they will have to be at the five dollar bet denomination to reach those payback odds.



Robin recommends understanding what type of game you are playing.  Knowing the line bet amount and how many lines you can play is important.  Sometimes a max bet it’s five coins and others I can be up to 20!   The most interesting fact that Robin brings to the table is that these machines can be beat so to speak.  With a large enough bankroll one could play through to the Royal and hit the largest payout.   These games have player edges that can be increased by smart play. In double double bonus if you were to be dealt 2 aces and 2 tens.  Robin recommends dumping the tens and going for the quad aces.  because of the advantaged payout.  Knowing which game you’re playing and we’re the advantage payouts are is important in video poker.


When it comes to learning a new game I like being able to play for free.  Having resources to read  and or play make all the difference for me.  Robin and I both agree that the site video poker dot com is a terrific destination for anyone looking  to improve you VP play.  You can play for free without signing up for anything.  However if you do decide to sign up as a gold member for about nine dollars a month you can play unlimited and you get a personal tutor that helps you improve your decisions while playing video poker.  After many years of enjoying this website I think it’s time I signed up and see if I can improve my strategy and winnings.

The different games on the free side of Video Poker .com.
Playing VP at MGM Springfield low full house pay out with a $1.75 bet


Robin also liked  This website tells you where all of the video poker machines are located at different casinos around the country as well as what machines have the best pay tables.


You may not earning tons of free play and tier credits as fast as a slot machine but you also can make your bankroll last a lot longer.  For me many times when I play I am not here to knock the casino on its side.  I’m here for a fun time.  I enjoy gaming and the longer I can game the more fun I have.  That’s why I enjoy sitting at the Walk up bar with one of my favorite bartenders Michael and enjoying video poker play. Plus I get to drink my favorite complementary beverage during play.  No matter where you play I invite you to give V.P. a try.  If you end up playing video poker and doing well be sure to let us know.  We love seeing those jackpot screenshots!

table top Video Poker at the Walk up Bar.


If you have any questions about video poker or anything else MGM Springfield be sure to join our closed group on Facebook or write me in the comments here.  Subscribe on I Tunes and Stitcher.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.  A special thanks to Robin Aubin of for his expert gaming advice.  I hope to have him back soon.


I have listed the links below mentioned on the Podcast for your enjoyment.  Update; Video Poker dot com gave my listeners a off of 14 DAYS of GOLD membership when you sign up for free.  No credit card either just an email.  I’m AITG Chris on there.  See you in the Game!  Just click the link below to sign up.

As always players have a great luck!

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