Casino Costume Guidelines & Springfield Ghost Stories.

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Welcome to the super spooky Halloween episode. Actually don’t worry there’s nothing to spooky in here. We do have some good news coming out of Uber that MGM is generating 2,000 trips per week. Local in town hotel runs for around $7. The  20 minute ride to Bradley international airport can be had for under $23. High-volume hours are 9 o’clock at night till 4AM in the morning.

A 30 year old tradition of the WMAS Halloween ball will take place this year at the MGM Plaza. The party features the band Fever along with special guest C&C Music Factory. The party takes place on October 26 from 7PM to 11PM tickets are $20 with VIP meet and greet tickets for $40.

October 27, 9 PM at the Commonwealth Bar there is a $5000 sexy costume contest with DJ Ariana.  Sounds like a super sexy costume contest good time with DANCING!  No full or partial masks, face paint, and or fake weapons are NOT permitted anywhere on property.  Be smart and plan your costume accordingly.  Going as a bandit is not recommended.

4 Nights of Horror film festival begins Sunday, October 28, with four scary films being shown for free on the giant screen outside.  This event sounds fun.  They have nice firepits and chairs for sitting.  Come out and get ready for a fun movie!  This is a great lineup.

Sunday, October 28, Young Frankenstein.

Monday, October 29, the Book of life.

Tuesday, October 30, Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Wednesday, October 31, Poltergeist.  (Super Scary)

Still looking to get a job at the casino?  New dealer classes beginning at Massachusetts Casino career training institute October 29 run  through December 14 at 95 State St., Springfield. Carnival game classes starting January 2. Tuitions range from $199-$599.

Smitty’s Pool hall located on the 2nd floor right above Theodor’s. Oldest pool hall in USA and its haunted!

There’s ghosts in Springfield, find out for yourself. My own personal story of the supernatural encounter at Smitty’s pool hall up stairs from Theodor’s on Worthington Street years ago.  While shooting pool with a pal late on Friday night we realized we were not alone.  Who was it was it an old gambler looking for his money back from an old pool game? We will never know but I’ve been thinking about going back for a game some late night soon.

Next week we have Robin Aubin on the show from discussing casino and gaming etiquette.  Happy Halloween Players and Friends.  Thanks for reading and has always have great Luck!

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